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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Ipodification of Books that Just Didnt Happen

How come we aren't reading books in our IPODS? How come we don't have IPODS anymore? How come not one of my students in Advanced Fiction in the Private Liberal Arts college where I am teaching doesn't have a kindle or a blog or a twitter account? How come the freshman didn't have a kindle a blog or a twitter account? How come there are still bookstores? Why do  I still tote around books even though I have a Kindle Fire?

Could it be the media missed ? Where is the digital generation? How come I know more about tech than the digital generation? How come I had to set up all their blogs? Their twitter accounts? How come we crashed the server? Could it be that the media is selling along with everybody else. Could it be tech companies want to paint a picture of as smooth headed svelte people driving smart cars with the latest tech?????? Could it be that tech is expensive and belongs to the few?

Or could it be that tech is siloed? That there is no digital generation but people using a sliver of the fun stuff and ignoring the rest? Would that be the fast moving thumbs of gamesters while Zuckerberg and the rest try and figure out why Facebook is becoming Spacebook. Could it be that bits and bytes don't have near the import the manufacturers want us to go give it?

Still those Superbowl Commercials are cool. Still those flat screens make the world look incredible. Could it be the fantasy of tech belongs to those making all the money while our phones crap out and our IPODS die and our cars fall apart and our laptops, IPADS, and Kindles become superfluous. Redundancy is a bitch especially since we pay for the same data over and over. One would think we would get wise but we are too busy looking for that next email, text, tweet to bail us out while we surf a thousand channels.

And there is just nothing on. Better grab that soggy brick of print. At least no one is telling you what you should be doing Mr. Digital.

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