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Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Effect of Social Media on Relationships

There is a new guy in your house now be you married or not. He hangs around waiting for someone to talk to him. He is always on. Even if someone forgets about him for a while it is amazing how fast he can be up and ready to go. And you may have just had a fight with your husband or wife and Mr. Saturday Night steps in. He is always fun. Always interesting. And his is chock full of information. It's like the guy sits around reading and he never complains.

And just like that he is at your dinner table. You are eating your mashed potatoes while he is munching on the steak and your wife is talking to him not you. Your husband is engrossed in a conversation with the guy like you don't exist. And you really don't since this guy moved in. He never goes to bed. You see your spouse up at night and the guy is in the bed! Enough is enough you point out but that just makes it worse. And the guy always has a light on.

Even when you travel he comes along. You think he would get a hint but there he is piping up with his funny little noises. Even when you make love the guy is flashing lights at you. He has no boundaries and the worst thing is you get the feeling your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend would rather be talking to him than you.

Your only chance is to go someplace where the guy cant plug in. Maybe then he will get the hint and just turn off. Maybe then you can have a decent conversation. At least until he gets his batteries charged.
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