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Monday, February 3, 2014

What Happened to the Superbowl?

Peyton Manning had an off day. I don't think so. The entire offence had an off day. Maybe. Payton Manning couldn't throw the football. He couldn't take a snap. Bruno Mars landed in a zoot suit and had the Red Hot Chili Peppers as his guest. What? The Broncos looked worse than the Bears on their worst game. The heavy money was on Seattle? Weird upon Weird. Even the commercials weren't that good. And the game went to sleep.

The Super Bowl has a problem. Over hype. How about when Seattle won? Confetti. Guys wandering around in a daze. Who to interview? Not Manning. But you know there is just not enough fame to go around sometimes. Ask Joe Namath in that coat from about 1975. Somebody should tell Joe to lose the coat and that Burt Reynolds is no longer making Smokey and the Bandit movies.

I  don't know the whole thing was a snore. Maybe it was the neck surgery. But could the two teams be that mismatched? What was with the screen passes that went nowhere? The long passes that went over everyone's heads? The run back at the opening kick off of the second half. How about that snap.? How about that snap? What the hell happened?

It was almost like someone else showed up. Wish they had let us know.
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