Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Road Not Taken

Actions have consequences. You get to a point in your life where you see your choices and what they mean to how your life turned out. Went over to a friends the other night and had dinner. His house is paid for. He has had a successful business. He can retire and do nothing. He and his wife travel. They go to warm climates in winter. They go skiing when they feel like it. They buy a new car when they feel like it. They have no kids.

And you cannot help wonder about the road you have taken. I have kids. I have a mortgage. We cannot buy a car when we feel  like it. We cannot travel when we feel like it. I chose a high risk way of life a long time ago. It does not get much riskier than being a writer. Maybe being a motorcycle rider in one of those cages you see in a circus with a stick of dynamite burning in one hand. That might be comparable.

So there is no doubt I will keep on writing until I fall over at the table. My kids are many and ensure college will keep us well anchored to massive debt. And you cannot help but feel jealous even though you know this is silly. By the time you get home the questions are looming. Should I? Did I? Maybe I...then you crawl into bed with all that young breathing in the night.

Yeah...Ok. That's right.
You close your eyes.
The Pitcher...sometimes a dream is all you have


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