Monday, February 3, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman...what can you say?

Well what can you say...really. The supposed top of the world story. Fame. Fortune. An incredible career. We should all work in the movies. And yet the overdose that snuffs the flame. Scent of a Woman I saw him in and I did not notice a great talent. But there was this nagging feeling as he appeared in The Big Lebowski Boogie Nights Twister Long Journey into Night and then of course Capote. Boom. Game over. The major talent arrived.

And then gone. And what can you say really? That being an artist is a contortionist high wire act that doesn't really care about the worldly gains. Somehow if you are at the bottom or the top the same psychic fallout is there. And coping is the name of the game. You will never be normal. You will never quite fit in but you can co-exist. Most writers drink to numb out but of course everyone has their choice and some choose heroin.

Nasty drug but it must be one hell of a ride. Otherwise why would we have so many tragic deaths from heroin and her cousin cocaine? But he had three kids. Sad. And he seemed to have it all. And then he lost it all. Well, what can you say...really.
The Pitcher...Sometimes a dream is all you have

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