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Monday, February 10, 2014

Jack London and Survival of the Fittest

I came home the other night and stood out in the eleven below night with the moon on the crusted snow and thought there is nothing but survival of the fittest. The cold lets us know that. It slowly wears people down and kills many. This we know. And it has gone on so long that I pulled out Jack London and started reading those frozen stories of men struggling to survive. To Build A Fire. Love of Life. In these stories life is stripped down to it's barest instinct...that to stay alive.

And we liked to think it has changed but it has not. From Phillip Seymour Hoffman to a close relative who recently passed in a hospital the will to survive is really all we have. And you can say that survival in our society is fairly easy now but  is it? People still die from the flu. They still die from malnutrition. They die from prescription drugs. They die crossing the street.

There is really the instinct to survive that makes the difference between who does live and die. We like to think we have leveled the playing field with medical science but it still comes down to the individual and the drive to see another day. That is what is out there in that heartless silence that is this Artic cold.

A grim reminder that Jack London is still relevant and always will be.
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