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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Social Media is Getting Pretty Rude

People over the other day. At one point everyone was on their phones and IPADs and no one was talking. It was a little pathetic and made me wonder why we bother. Lets face it what we are doing when we are on our phones and we are with other people is we are saying you know this just isn't very interesting. You are hoping to be bailed out by something your phone can give email, text, tweet...something.

And it is getting worse. Parties. Dinner. Bed. I am sure there is someone who is having sex and responding to an email. Phones now disturb our sleep. I have been woke more than once from the boop of an email or a text. We no longer control our environment someone else controls it from afar and we really should just stop the pretense of getting together. Lets just shoot each other a text and call it. How many times do you say goodnight to someone in the lunar glow of an IPAD now?

We have all been to a restaurant with the couple looking down into their lap. They are not talking. They are not interacting. They are interacting with other people who aren't even going to have dinner. So maybe the people on the other end should pick up the tab. Anyway. It is getting strange. Soon we wont even have the pretense of getting together with our physical bodies.

I know lets have our phones get together and we can be in their palms. At least we would have their attention.

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