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Monday, January 13, 2014

Sad Day For Baseball and A Sadder Day for A-Rod

If you have a lot of money then you can get your way in America. Most of the time. But A-Rod might have hit the proverbial wall as he tries to overturn the ruling by the arbitrator  to lift his season suspension. His lawyers marched in but the problem is the judges aren't buying anymore. A-Rod was busted and now everyone knows he used the drugs and now it is really just about watching him try and get all the money that is on his contract. He will probably never play again.

And yeah it is another sad day for baseball. The standard comeback to the pro A Rod forces is "everyone does it. He just caught." Ok. Lets take that it's logical conclusion. Someone robs a bank and gets caught. Everyone does it we just got caught. Ok. Some people may do it and not get caught so does that mean the people who get caught should be let off? How about this great would A-Rod have been without the drugs?

We will never know. He is a man with an immense amount of money and money is power and so the drama will spin out but A-Rod is permanently damaged. Baseball has been damaged but not as much as the man. Baseball will continue and the A-Rod era will be over and people will talk about him and then they wont talk about him at all.

That will be his ultimate punishment.

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