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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lady Ga Ga Stripped of 176 Million Views on pathetic

And so what does this mean? It means that even the ones at the very top are not immune to our national frenzy to get to the top and stay there. Here is a woman rich beyond belief with her allotment of fame more than most humans will ever get and yet she could not stomach the idea that she might fade. She has reportedly released songs for .99 to inflate her Billboard numbers as well. The mere thought she might not remain at the very top of the top drives her to manipulate Social Media. How pathetic.

In a time where our biggest horror is that we will not be immortalized in some way or we will not be noticed even our biggest stars cannot escape the schizophrenia of a culture gone mad. Because mad is the only way to define our overexposure and how we now peer into each others lives in the ever present drive toward commodification. Because exposure we assume equals fame and fame equals money if not only an escape from being one of the many.

And the horror is that we might have a mediocre life. That we might not be one of the Facebook chosen few who vacation in exotic places and dabble with the stars or at the very least are rich enough to upload pictures of our breathless lives. But of course we are doomed before we start as Lady Ga Ga is doomed.

Think  of Sunset Boulevard with Norma Desmond living in her decaying mansion in the twilight of her fallen star. The knowledge she would never be in the light again literally drove her mad. We should take heed and so should Lady Ga Ga.
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