Monday, January 27, 2014

Justin Bieber Blues

I don't really follow Justin Bieber. My daughter has a JB pillow and posters and perfume and her presents come in JB wrapping paper. He is the teen idol of my kids  and I get that. But we are confronted once again how the juggernaut of media has planted other peoples lives in ours. I know now that Justin was busted for drinking and drag racing. I know this because people I see know it and the topic comes up much the way politics floats up.

And it isn't a few people. I have hit this several times with the ensuing discussion something like this: Well he's a good kid I think he will straighten himself out. I think he just made some bad choices. Justin Bieber travails fall off the lips with the same type of concern a parent might have for an errant child. And yet we have this "kid" who is a multimillionaire and who got caught drinking and drag racing in his Lamborghini with a super model. My heart bleeds.

But of course the real question is why is this now a topic of conversation? Certainly the speed of our culture doesn't give us much time to swim through the informational overload and make our choices. Mostly we are now spoon fed from our phones or our televisions whatever the media Gods deem important  and then we find ourselves discussing over dinner weather the Bieber man is going to straighten himself out or will he go down the dark path of sex and drugs and rock and roll.

We furrow our brows and pray the Bieber will drive his Lamborghini sensibly and not drink and drive with his super model date. We should all be so debauched. Pass the ketchup honey.
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