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Friday, January 31, 2014

Author Nirvana

Most of the time it is pretty tough. You work by yourself in a vacuum usually over a garage or in a basement or holed up in some back bedroom. You get few attaboys and you work for years on something that might or might not work out for you. You burn out from your own company and fantasize about a real job where people interact and talk and it is not just you and that screen day after day what are you going to write today?

But occasionally it all pays off. Sometimes it is a great review or somebody buys your book and lets you know or you get a rights sale or just something good comes out of all that effort. But the real payoff is when you see your readers and you see how the book affects them and for a moment it is all worth it. This happens for me when I go to schools to speak and suddenly I see all these young faces and they are holding my book.

And the presentation goes along and they are shy and don't ask too many questions. Sometimes they don't ask you a thing and you have to fill with your writing experiences. But then at the end after you are done signing the books and have talked to the teachers and you are about to go...a lone student walks up and they are holding the book and they look at you and turn red and say "I loved your was the best book I have ever read."

And it took a lot of guts for them to do that. An Adult. An author. And you smile and shake their hand and say thank you very much. And then they leave and you walk away and you really wish you had said more as you cruise down the hallway. Because for a all made sense.
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