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Thursday, December 19, 2013

This is It...Call it a Year

For writers this is it. You have written what you will write in 2013. Squeak one more in the door but really it is times up. The holidays are beginning and the year is ending and you either did it or you didn't and all you can do is tally up the year and live with it. I snuck in one more rough draft before the year ended and gave it a rewrite and then realized today was it. There will be no more writing in 2013. At least serious writing.

I have burned through gallons and gallons of coffee and exhausted my body with sugar and trashed out my insulin and my eyes and everything else to produce fiction. And it is over and let the chips fall. The books are out there or they are not out there and the world will turn on and maybe there were things I could have done that I didn't but it just doesn't matter now.  Sweep the floor and break the pencil and ride to the New Years.

And you do that look back thing and did you move along the bar and did the books you wanted to write come out and the ones you didn't write are they still there. But for now it is all water over the dam and all you can do is let the dead dogs lie and  uncork on the bubbly.

2013 is already a ghost.
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