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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Holiday Writer

Like everyone else writers take off for the holidays. There is little to be done in the whirlwind and so best to leave the pencil at the desk until you pick it up again in the new year. So what happens is you look back at the past year and wonder if you pulled it off. Any new books? Any new books published? And what about those Amazon rankings? Are they falling off the radar like a train running over the tracks. Probably.

Like everyone else you are exhausted and broke from way too much making merry. Like Bob Cratchet berated by Scrooge when he is late. I am sorry sir I was making rather merry. You were and now somewhere between the opened presents and the new year you look to find your bearings and of course they aren't there.  They were left back in the old year but of course you aren't to the new year yet so you settle somewhere in the middle with the kids at home and everyone sort of finding their way.

And you dare not look at that novel in progress though I notice some of my other writer friends are still frantically at work. I don't know how they do it really. The two worlds don't really mix. In one world you are separating out and in the other you are joining. Better to just put the pencil aside and let it all be and hope that when you sit back down in the new year something will still be there you can work with.

That is why they call it a holiday. Right? Right.
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