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Monday, December 30, 2013

The Beauty of a Book...Disconnecting 2.0

I have decided that most of the stuff coming over my phone is advertisements. In fact corporations have figured out and are figuring out that we now carry billboards in our pockets. And it is getting worse. Lets talk impressions. Every time information is presented to us even if we dismiss it there is an impression. It hits us and then we move on. Now once these impressions hit critical mass then we buy. This is why we are dunned at the gas pump now and every time we turn on Pandora. They know we  ignore it but the info is stored anyway

And what better way to capture us than to attack our devices. Like most people I have several email accounts and they hit my phone at different times. Now ninety percent of what I received is absolute garbage. It is services that hit my Google  profile for my buying habits. And I enable them to get to me by carrying my device with my all the time.  The phone boops and I answer and read the ad. An advertisers dream.

And our virtual world is being invaded daily. Contextual advertising or those annoying pop ups ignited by keywords are only getting more sophisticated. GPS positioning will track us we go past Portillos and suggest we have a hot dog because we had one before and wouldn't a hot dog taste great now. That is  already here. And what defense do we have? A simple one.

Turn the phone off and read a book.. Not a kindle, a book. They can't get you then.
The Pitcher...Junior Library Guild Selection

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