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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reading the Yarn Christmas Story

 A Christmas Story  is really a depression story that is short. The narrator is over the top as is the movie. But Ralph is determined to get his BB Gun and the Cleveland life of the 1940s pulls us all back to when things were simpler and all those moments of childhood were bigger than life. Couldn't be any simpler really. A decoder ring. A BB gun. Getting dressed up like a mummy by your mom and your dad is some kind of salesman who reads the paper and talks about sports and winning a contest.

But the story which is in a book of short stories by Tim Shepard does not have the depth of the movie. It is incredibly light and it is over before it gets started. It really shows what a movie can do although when the movie came out it was no big deal. But then it started to catch on and the depression was omitted. The hard luck story of Ralph and his  family became a middle class dirge to Christmas the way it used to be.

And Tim Shepard's other stories are not that great. The Christmas Story is the diamond of the bunch. Writers spin these off all the time. Really it was a yarn based on when he was a kid and he wanted a BB gun. Who knew a yarn could become a classic.
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