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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Commoiciolism of the Holidays

Yeah commoicialims is the worst. Make a buck. Make a buck. Don't care what they stand for. Just make a buck. Make a buck. So says Alfred in Miracle on 34th Street with his New York Accent.  And  we know what he means watching the Macy Day parade where every float represents a brand or a product and we are hit with every Broadway show and every commercial. Make a buck. Make a buck. And you try and find some meaning in the Juggernaut of American Consumerism where everyone seems happy as pie spending a fortune on Black Friday.

And yet you feel uncomfortable with all of it. It couldn't have always been this way. Surely we are haunted with the thought there were simpler holidays where the true meaning of being together and enjoying family was preeminent. And so we look in the Christmas movies for some meaning or we see people we haven't seen all year and think well this is all good.

And we partake but we feel Alfred's frustrations as he vents about how Christmas seems buried under a corporate bent on selling as much as they can during out festive holiday. And maybe that is the way it always was but you like to think that the Macy Parade was really just a parade once of floats and bands and that the Friday after Thanksgiving was just a day. Of course Alfred was venting in 1942 about commoiciolisms.

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