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Saturday, November 30, 2013

No More Bad Reviews

As per a New York Times article Buzzfeed will no longer feature bad reviews. The writer of the article seemed to veer back and forth between thinking this was a good idea and then finishing up with a dig at the whole concept. My thinking is it is the final evolution in the idea the Internet fostered long ago  has taken hold big time....anybody can be anything without any sort of work at all. Or like grade school we all get a ribbon for trying. There are no losers in T ball

Taking the first concept though lets face it you want to be a rock and roll star then burn a CD. You want to be a writer publish a book on Amazon. Boom. You are the writer or the rock star  or both. The point is the message is look you really don't have to pay your dues at all just start. The only bummer in this equation was that people would evaluate your work in the form of a review. At least if you became a writer they would. What a drag.

Someone would actually say if they thought it was any good. And what purpose does this serve? Buzzfeed thinks it serves no purpose. Maybe. But of course the message that we are all the same and all have the same talent is furthered by this sort of everybody gets a star for trying motif. Lets face it we are reviewed every day. We lose jobs. We get divorced. We sink into bankruptcy. We lose our homes. Or we become fabulously wealthy or famous. Another sort of review.

So why the hands off on a a literary review? Sorry. If you pick up the pen then someone is going to review it and it might be bad. What does this do? It lets you know where you rank and how much work you have to do. Yes there are bad bad reviews but there is generally some truth lurking out there somewhere. It all comes down I guess to if you just want a ribbon for trying...

Or a trophy for winning.

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