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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Does your Website Sell Books?

Alright. Websites. Once upon a time they just laid there and were essentially billboards. An elaborate business card if you will. But now they have to do more and for authors they have to do a lot. I started out like everyone else with a website with my books and some facts about me. That was aabout it. But then I started to realize nothing was happening. The site was doing nothing for  my sales and so I trashed it and started over.

First of all the question is what is driving traffic? Anything? For me it is my blogs and my tweets and my Current News. But there really should be more. The problem is  a lot of web designers are stuck in the old modality of ok here is your site. Here is your books. Here is your bio. Here is your picture. And that is about it. What you need is someone who can figure out what you are selling and the best way to do that.

There are a lot of good web people out there but only a few really get what authors are about. Here is my site. It  isn't perfect but it is on the way and I can make changes to it any time I want which is key for authors because authors like to write...right? And tweaking is the name of the game in websites.

The company that did my site is running a special with free setup right now. Here are the particulars.

 Early "Black Friday" sale exclusively for Authors/Writers
- 1st month free for Deluxe and Standard Website Packages

- Coupon Code for Deluxe Plan: awbps13n
- Coupon Code for Standard Plan: 1wbps13b

- Main company site:
- Link to Author Page on Lyquid Agency:

     Good luck!

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