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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Breaking Bads Amoral Character

Walt is not a nice guy anymore. Murder. Drug dealer. Player. Liar. Divorced. And yet we root for him and Jesse to what...make it in their "cook" operation. And when Walt wipes out the guy in the basement by strangling him or runs over the two guys about to do in Jesse then shoots one in the head we accept it as normal. And we still want him to win. So...what is going on? Since when did we want the bad guy to win.

Could it be the amoral character only has a chance in an amoral world. Walt has cancer and is facing oblivion and his knights mission is to provide for his family and for this he goes into cooking meth. And what good can come out of this bad.  Well a lot. His family will be cared for and his cancer treatment will be paid for and he is even paying his brother in laws hospital bills. Even Skylar the moral compass of the show is now trying to figure out the best way to launder the money.

Up is down and down is up. We can relate. In a world where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the middle class kills itself for little gain we begin to suspect the deck is stacked and who can blame a school teacher for reaching out for a little more. Or a lot more. Our antihero does have a long history going all the way back to High Noon or the Dirty Harry vehicle or Rambo or anybody who has to break the law to keep the law.

Still. You do squeam when Walt lets the girl choke on her vomit because he cant risk that she will talk. All in a days work I suppose.

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