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Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Tobacco Sticks Free Promotion

Well the giveaway is over  for Tobacco Sticks.  A little background on the book. It was my second novel and received a starred review in Publishers Weekly and was sold to Bantam on a paperback auction and then became a Book of the Month Club Selection. Movie rights were sold. Foreign rights sold.  The book is a Southern Saga of a family in Richmond Virginia where a lawyer takes a case putting him against the town at large. So that is the background. A highly reviewed novel brought out before Kindles ever existed.

I used BookBub a million subscriber database to advertise and Book Daily and Kindle Nation. Then I tweeted and did the usual rounds of blogging and facebook posts. The question was could this novel find an audience after it had been out a while.  It hit #5 for all Free Kindle books. #1Literary sagas. #1Mysteries and thrillers #1Historical fiction. The results after five days were 31,600 downloads of the novel. In the back of every copy are the first five chapters of my latest novel The Pitcher. I think this is a good way to introduce readers to my new work while getting a taste of my past work.

So that's it. Giving books away is still strange. But it is the brave new world of selling literature.
The Pitcher


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