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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Theory Behind Giving a Book Away

I have another book on Free promotion Tobacco Sticks  and it  is tough at first to get your hands around the whole idea. It really goes against everything you were ever taught. Work equals result equals pay. This is the way we conduct our lives. We go to work and then we expect pay. But now there is a new paradyme. Work and then give it away in hopes that down the road someone will pay for something. It is strange at first.

Lets compare it to crabbing. You drag bait through the water and bring the crab in and then you net him. This works because the crab is busy with your fish head or whatever and doesn't see the net. And so you have him by giving away some bait. Not so different with books. You get someone to read your book and hopefully they are so taken they click on the link in the back and pay for your next book. This then is the theory.

Of course the problem is a lot of people download and don't read. They just build their library. Or they read and figure they will wait for the next freebie. Or they read and don't like it. Or they read and like it but still don't buy. So it is a gamble.

But like crabbing you never know until  you throw out your bait. The trick is to net them when they aren't looking.
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