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Monday, October 28, 2013

The Second LIfe of a Book

Thirty one thousand downloads later and Tobacco Sticks has a second life. This was not possible for a book unless another publisher bought the rights and resuscitated some out of print title. Because books don't have a long shelf life and if they don't sell then they tend to disappear. Enter the net where suddenly books that have been dead have life breathed into them by readers looking for a title they can get a deal on.

I had managed to keep the ebook rights to Tobacco Sticks and had not done much with them until I saw other authors putting out their backlist at a discount. A highly reviewed book may or may not reach it's market. And when that window of opportunity closes down then the book disappears. A lot of time it is market forces and  a book doesn't have a chance. Who knows what really sells a book.

But now an author can take a second shot and readers can have a second glance. It beats the alternative. A book damned to the darkness after a very short life.
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