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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Bieber Mom Memoir

You never know what could lead to you write a book. Your son might become famous. I could be one of the cynics and say she is riding his coat tails... but maybe the Bieber mom has something to say. Apparently she had a tough childhood. Maybe the mother  of a Bieber might relate how she helped him upload his YouTube videos that made him famous. Maybe she relates to us the moment Bieber sung in the shower and she burst in. You are going to be famous one day son! Or when the Bieber came home from school and said he felt different from the other kids. How she sat him down and looked in his eyes and day son we will make a million bucks off you and then I'll make a million off a memoir.

The Bieber looked up from his Captain Crunch. What's a memoir mom? Never mind son you just keep dancing and singing because you will be big one day. And then when fame arrived how she handled the Bieber. How to keep him on the planet. Or maybe the Bieber mom wrote his songs. Running into his studio in the basement. This one....this is the one Justin. I don't know mom this is kind of weird.

Just sing it. Ok. BOYFRIEND...And a star is born. And then the Bieber mom could tell us about her big advance and the pain of her life until the Bieber made it. How she really doesn't care about money and fame . And how whenever she hears BOYFRIEND she smiles to herself. That's my baby. That's my baby. We going to make it. You and me baby. BOYFRIEND!

Then again. Maybe not.
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