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Thursday, October 17, 2013

On the Other Side of a Book Signing

I was  making my way down the North Shore of Chicago with my new book hitting the Independent bookstores. I do this to make sure that the book is there and show support and it's just really good PR. I bumped into a friend of mine at The Book Stall and he told me there was a signing with George Pelecanos that evening and I had to stay. Ok. Sure.. So I went to Starbucks to kill a few hours and came back for the signing.

I sat in the back row as the place filled. George has eighteen books out and wrote for HBO on The Wire. I talked with a man in the back row when a dapper bearded man poked his head out between the books. He talked with the other man and I put it together this was George. Sitting on the other side of a book signing you are in awe of the author. I watched him field questions about writing and his books and working on The Wire and I would be pretty cool to be an author.

And I listened to George talk about his method and his rigid work schedule and working in Hollywood and again I was like wow...this dude how does he do it? And I found myself wanting to ask a question but there is a code. Let the author be the dude. Not that I would upstage just don want to interfere with the careful dynamic between author and reader.

And then it was over and George signed a book to me and thanked me for coming. I walked out and drove home, some day I should write a book. Maybe I will.
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