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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hitting the Libraries...SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

It must be that old thing of when you were a kid and the librarian told you to SHHHHHHHH! I still feel that way when I walk into a library and face down the woman in the sweater draped over her shoulders and those low riding winged reading glasses. And where do they get those brogans and the polyester pants? There must be a librarian uniform issued upon employment. And how do those sweaters stay on their shoulders when they type and tell you that the book is down the aisle and sniff sniff it might be checked out anyway.

Lately I have been doing the author tour of libraries. A strange quiet tour of the greatest the Midwest has to offer. The seventies are alive and well I am here to tell you. How many earth tones can you cram into one room? Answer a lot. The brown carpet and beige shelves bring back my youth as I tell the librarian this is my book and it is s Library Guild Selection and was highly reviewed by Library Journal and you would think you would that would carry some weight but all I get is sniff sniff....can I help you?

And some of the librarians are very nice but there is that disapproving stare. And you wonder if that is something that comes from hours and hours of going SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I remember being shushed in libraries from Baltimore to Chicago and it was always the same. A hissing hush! And that boy is there again as I leave my card and the librarian sends me on my way with a  nod and a whispered. NO TALKING.

You never really grow up do you.
The Pitcher. Junior Library Guild Selection

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