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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Breaking Bad

Yeah I've broken bad. Bleary eyed at three AM as Walt cooks. Bad. Bad. Out to the bars and then watching Walt sell his meth. Swore I would never watch the show but it passed my test. It was off the air and now I can watch what everyone else already has. And so now I Netflix every night my fix while the house sleeps and I get up four hours later blood red and beat and strung out as Tuco and I tell myself I got to write and I got to get off the train of staying up until two.

But then the night comes and I say hey I'll just watch a little with the cat and the dog and there I am in the yellow smoke and it is bad... bad. Three AM when the box goes off and I am getting really tired. And my temper is getting short and my writing is slipping and I am going bad really bad and I say that's it. Back to the old schedule man. To bed. Up early to write and the night comes again and I swear off Walt and his cancer and all the crappy things that can happen to someone.

And then it gets dark and the house goes to sleep and the remote sits on top of the television and I can see myself in the reflection of that big screen. Don't do it. It is midnight. I'm not going to do it again. I'm going to bed. To bed man. And I stand up and walk to the television. Maybe just a taste. Just a taste bro. Bad. Really bad.  Oh Man. Four AM...

I'm doomed.
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