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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What I have Learned from the Free Promotion of My novel

First of all the promotion is still going. Second of all it is the way of the future and I mean standard. Currently my book is #68 on Amazon in the Top 100 Books. #2 in baseball and #1 in Hispanic Literature. I was initially reluctant to do this but now I know it is the way. The model of giving away your novel to develop readership makes perfect sense. You will get people reading and if your book is good then they will tell other people. The bottom line is books are still sold by word of mouth.

This type of promotion was just impossible before the digitial age. You could not give away tens of thousands of books and not go broke. So the big authors could get their books around with say a couple thousand give aways to bookstores and publicity people but everyone else was stuck with a few hundred. Not true now. Now you can run a giveway for a week which I am doing and have THOUSANDS read your book.

Think the old album Frampton Comes Alive. Before that no one heard of him. After that everyone knew him. The point is that was his giveaway. It crashed onto the scene and everyone heard it. That is what you want to do with your giveway. Crash onto the scene and have everyone read it. Well back to work. Here is a link to get your free kindle download of The Pitcher.

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