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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lets Put the Lobbyist in Congress

They are already there so lets just get the old white guys out of Congress and put in the lobbyists. They could then hack it out between them. The gun lobby could square off with the pharmaceutical lobby and they could make a deal with the tobacco lobby and the food lobby and the chemical lobby and the bank lobby. And all those guys in suits could just go home and quit wasting our time and you know we wouldn't have to even pay the lobbyists.

An oligarchy is rule by the wealthy or rule by the lobbyists and that is what we have. So lets cut out all this election hooey because it doesn't matter who we elect they work for the people who pay them. And that would be the gun lobby as we saw today. On a different day it would be the drug lobby. Does it really matter who it is anymore. One thing we know is it is not us who they are representing.

And so we just roll along. The middle class at least doesn't have to pay attention to the whole election cycle anymore because it doesn't even matter who is President. Congress just undercuts him or rather the lobbyists. So send home all those goofy guys in suits. Lets get those smart dressing lobbyists in there. At the least it will make better television.

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