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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Killing Yourself for your book

Writing it was hard but that doesn't compare to marketing it. In fact the writing is very nice in comparison with long quiet stretches. Then you go into the hell of online marketing. Think of taking on the whole world and beating your head against the wall. Add to that the pipe is clogged with millions of authors who found they could publish that book with a keyboard stroke. It is like the internet...empowering but eviscerating in the sheer numbers.

But you do it. You send your books to everyone who will listen and each book is like starting over. And each time the rules change. Try getting on radio. Try getting on television. Try getting reviews. It can happen but it requires ten times the energy that writing the book took. And then of course there is no guarantee at all it will come to anything.

So you better write something you believe in because you will need something to keep you plowing ahead when every bit of your being says this is too hard.

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