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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cowards in Congress

Political courage is nothing compared to being shot with an AR15. You would think Congress could show a little balls and take on the NRA but they are just cowards. So the children who were shot that day have no voice. Not the old men who sold their souls to a gun lobby. It is not a second amendment issue and it is not the black copters are coming. It is electability. We have a problem because we have men who are the lowest form of human life. We have craven men who sell our children down the river for a buck.

And you may be a gun enthusiast. You may believe in the black copters. But you should know they didn't vote for you. They voted to keep their jobs. And they will betray you too when the highest bidder calls. You may say well I can keep my guns and not get a background check but when your wife dies from cancer from a chemical found in your backyard by a company that pays off Congress to look the other way you will be mad as hell. The way we are now.

Because you were outgunned at the start. The deck was stacked. We have people who can be bought in our Congress and that means none of us are safe. We are only worth the price of re election. So now it is guns. But one day it will be the tainted drinking water or your safety in the factory and you will be sold down the river along with the rest of us. So lock and load for now.

But those guns wont help you when your turn comes .

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