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Friday, March 8, 2013

Zapping Jane Fonda

That old antiwar bogey girl. Jane Fonda. At least Rand Paul lit the match to the correct old ordinance because if the Republican/Teaparty gang is not fighting the last roundup of long haired bearded bums then what are they fighting? Wont Get Fooled again plays on while Rand talks and talks and talks. Zapped by hovering drones. If there is a reason we cant get rid of guns this is it. Jane Fonda is in  mortal danger of getting zapped by a drone. So says Rand.

But I digress. And if the black  helicopters are coming for every bunker building patriot then we have bigger problems than a deadlocked Congress. Even John McCain couldn't take enough acid for this one. The Hitlerian Obama coming for those who dare to defy. There must be some lunacy in the asylum but Rand figures thirteen hours will give him an opportunity to be heard. Even Paul Ryan couldn't pull that off. Imagine thirteen hours of Ayne Rand.

But of course the worry over drones is real. Don't Tread On ME and please don't zap me with a drone. And his example of Jane Fonda while certainly dated puts it all in perfect relief. That war never really died and we are certainly fighting it out among the boomer guard. Did you or do you support the War?  Or are you one of those peaceniks.

And if you are the Obama drones will get you. Pass the bong.

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