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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What you can do with your Book over a Kindle

Books are dinasorial but they have a function. For one thing you can read a book in the sun. You  cannot read your kindle in the sun. Alright. Maybe the old kindles but not the kindle fire. It is is just a black piece of marble. And you can read your book in the tub. You cannot read your kindle in the tub. I did. I dropped it. No more kindle. My book just got soggy.

You cannot throw your kindle on the floor or in in your backpack or on your shelf. Not if you want to lose a couple hundred bucks. Throw that book anywhere and you can still read it. You cannot read your kindle with toast and jelly and coffee. Your fingers are sticky and gum up the screen. You cannot dribble egg yolk on your kindle. Many of my books have yellow stains. You cannot spill coffee on your kindle. You cant get too far from a plug with your kindle especially the later ones. They just turn black. You never have to plug your book in. Ever!

You cannot turn down the page of your kindle and the bookmark function doesn't work a lot of times so you have to find your page again. Your book. Turn down the page. Rip it. Piss on it. Do what you have to do but you can find your place. You cant leave your kindle out in the rain. You can leave your book in the rain. It just gets fat.

Here's a big one. You forget what you read with your kindle. Your book lays around and you say oh yeah...that was a good book. Or...I better read that book I bought. With your kindle your book is hidden and forgettable. You also cant look ahead in your sorry it is not the same. And you can't look back to see how much you have read.

 And finally you cant turn the last page of your kindle and hold it and go wow that was a good book!
You just turn it off. Bummer.

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