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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The High Point of the Day

Driving my daughter to school is the highpoint. After that it is all downhill. Maybe it would seem strange that taking a second grader to school in the morning should bring such joy but then we are still children. Do you have your lunch? Your backpack? Do you have your boots, your coat, your gloves, your hat? Yes dad Yes dad Yes dad. Alright lets go.

And then of course the inevitable question. So...what's today? Wednesday. And what happens on Wednesday? Hmmm...well daily five. Math. Library. Science.PE...and lunch. And what  is for lunch? Peanut butter and jelly and an apple an chips. All this while driving the same route day after day behind the same minivans of parents in pajamas and in coats and mothers and fathers dropping off their charge in the circular drive.

And what does it do? It takes us back right? I remember sitting with my father at the end of the drive waiting for a bus in the darkness. Or he would drop me off on the way to work. And the questions were the same. So what happens today? What's for lunch? These are the brilliant little nuggets of parenthood. These moments that are way too short and end way too quickly.

And now we are rounding the drive and it is time of the drop off. Ok. Have everything. Yeah dad. Alright...have a great day and have some extra ketchup with your fries. And she turns and smiles. Dad. We aren't having fries. But the joke is there and we do it everyday and then you watch her turn and walk into that school and with her goes a little bit of your heart.

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