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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The American Dying Grounds

Florida is the American dying grounds. Dress it up how you will but this is where our people go to finish out their lives. The modern corporate state needs lots of workers and once the workers are finished they go down into the boot of the country to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune and wait to die. Of course American retirement is not painted this way. It is painted as the Golden years or the time to do what we want. But Florida belies the lie. Here is where people are parked under a tropical sun among the alligators and swamps.

It is our modern Casa Blanc with no flight out except for one. The final flight to the great unknown. And so there is no culture. There is only what people bring to the dying grounds and  while away their time trying not to become senilitic. Because America is for the young. On this we can agree and our country has a funny way of disposing of old people. Forget the Death Panels of Obamacare. The Death Panels were here long before in the form of a people without purpose in a land without soul under a scorching sun.

We are a funny country. We have decided in the American Dream our lives should begin at the end. In truth our lives are what we live during the working years. This is the real retirement in all its connotations. This is the best years of our lives. Banished to Walt Disney's Swampland with nothing to do for years on end is the hell capitalism has created and sold to people looking for the golden watch at the end.

And so we will play Bachi ball and smoke our cigars and drink our wine and watch the sunset. Take our meds and get our operations and trundle down to the Southern most tip of America. The great boot full of the last gasp of our collective effort; the American dying grounds.

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