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Monday, March 4, 2013

Talking About Age

Some people just cant get over that they have gotten older. You know who they are. The same people who went into a bar when they were thirty five and complained everyone was younger. No shit. Gee I guess people do age don't they. Hope I die before I get old has not worked out for the boomers. Now they are being chased down by commercials galore for getting it up to wearing diapers and not shitting themselves in public. The whole youth culture thing has gotten really nasty now that the whole country has gotten old.

Since we quit accepting that people become adults somewhere back in the fifties when Elvis started gyrating we now are a people at sea. We have committed the ultimate sin by aging. In America no one ages or haven't you heard? Except for Judy Dench or Maggie Green or Helen Mirrah. They have aged and done it magnificently but for the rest of us it is a dirty sin. And the whining is disgusting. I now have to listen to people say...WE"RE OLD. Gotta love the way they include you in their sweeping declaration.

But it happens all the time. People who feel old figure everyone must feel the same. And it is simply not true. But our culture shames people when they age. They have betrayed our culture and have passed from youth into something dirty and unspeakable. An adult. Whoa. Stand back Jack. Once  upon a time people were allowed to be adults. But since Roger Daltry said he hoped he died before he got old we are all screwed. By the way Rodger did not die. He sang at the Super Bowl. But we are left now with the whiners.

And it is pathetic. People age. People don't stay young forever. People die. Get over it and enjoy the ride.

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