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Friday, March 1, 2013

Starving the Beast

What is the sequester really about you ask. Well, it is about Starving the Beast and destroying the second term of President Obama. These are not intermingled except one will serve the other. Historically the Beast is the government. The Beast has been fed since FDRs New Deal. This is the first sin as far as Tea Party Republicans are concerned. The Beast began to fatten up with  Social Security Medicare Food Stamps Medicaid the Department of Education, Energy, even the Department of the Interior.

If Ayn Rand is the Joan of Arc of the Starve the Beast movement then certainly FDR is the father of the beast. And so began the struggle to keep feeding the Beast by one side and to starve it by the other. We quickly devolved into Republicans and Democrats facing off in the classic Hamiltonian Jefferson struggle: redistribution versus free enterprise. And so like the Cold War we co-existed until...until the election of Barack Obama and the rise of the Tea Party. And then a strategy emerged. A workable strategy. Starve the Beast.

You do it by shutting down the government at every opportunity and holding the President and basically the American people hostage. Well, it has worked well. The sequester is one massive spending cut. The dream of the Tea Party. Also it knocks down the President at the same time the Beast gets bled and bled. The ultimate bleeding will be one of continued blocks during the ongoing debt ceiling debates. Add to this that no Republican can afford to be to the left of the Tea Party without losing their seat in a Primary and you have a perfect storm. Or a Democracy held hostage to an ideology.

That ideology is that Social Programs are inherently bad. Government is inherently bad and it really should be every man for him or herself. The one percent or the four hundred families that have more wealth than 150 millions people deserve every nickel. In a strange turnabout our government is being led by a small faction of ideologues in the House. So the Beast will be starved. FDR's baby will be finally starved in his crib once and for all. President Obamas second term will be sullied.

And the American people are just hapless bystanders.
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