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Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break

Maybe spring break is different for other people but in the Midwest it is truly SPRING BREAK. We are frozen. Stiff. Over worked. Tired. Beat up after a long winter. And of course March has been the coldest yet and so we take off warmer clime for a week. Florida. California. Hawaii. The Caribbean. Everyone just wants to get away from the cold dreary Midwest sky that seems to push down on you after four months of unrelenting weather. And it hasn't even been that hard of a winter but the grind of it all just wears you out and you start to get that Gulag pallor and those hollow eyes. All work and no play.

So for a week you disappear. You go to where people swim and bike and can actually go outside without freezing. Paradise right. I get it. I get why people come here when they retire. Sandals. Shorts. Yeah. And  work seems very far away. And those big Midwestern homes with their basements and their fireplaces and furnaces seem ridiculous. How could anybody live that way? Always huddled up inside eating massive amounts of red meat to stay warm. The bears hibernating away another five months of life.

And it goes fast. You just start to get used to it and then it's gone and you are back. Snow. Ice. Rain. Gloomy skies.Why Why do we live here? Then you go to work. Slit my throat now. Ah well. Only a few more months until summer. Right?

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