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Monday, March 25, 2013

Socializing is good for the brain

Now when you head out for a beer with the boys or some champagne with the girls you now have a valid reason; it makes you smarter. The NY Times just had an article discussing the merit of going out to see a friend or a loved one or just about anybody who talks. They have to talk. But if they talk then the research is that we wire up like crazy. I have always suspected this. Whenever I go out and talk politics or culture or anything I always feel a little smarter than when I began. According to the Times this is the perfect antidote to becoming the cyber moron who communicates in texts.

Apparently we stimulate each other. Our speech patterns. Our content. Just about everything to do with having a conversation gets our neurons humming. Ever notice how dull you become when you don't see your friends? Ever notice how one dimensional your thinking gets when all you do is work? Your brain goes to sleep and slips into an autopilot mode. But if you head out on a Wednesday night and meet a good friend then the next day you will be sharper, brighter, more relaxed.

It's interesting how people devalue interaction. Middle class people believing slogging it out will get them there but really you can do nothing better than take a break. We are social creatures and our sociability stimulates our brains and lights up all sorts of memories, epiphanies, thoughts, insights. I find that many time I think of new stories while having a conversation. This is because we find the hidden treasures by our connections.

So do it. Call someone. Go out. It will make you a lot smarter.

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