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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sit Down Dinners Good for You ?

We all remember the sit down dinners. Dad and mom at the ends with you lodge somewhere in the middle between sisters and brothers. Mom is usually stressed and dad is preoccupied and you scarf that food like an Olympian. And the dinners were MANDATORY. In my house they were. You did not skip the sit down dinners. Your only hope was to eat fast and vacate but even then you couldn't just leave. You had to sit until mom or dad were finished.

Well it turns out that those dinners were good for you. A new study shows that families that eat together are healthier. They eat more healthy food. They get sick less. Their kids are more well adjusted. Less depression. Able to interact more effectively. All this from those hellish meals where you had to recite what you learned at school or what you did or have it pointed out that you spoiled your appetite with that cereal you ate before.

But yes. It is true.  The family that eats together eats more fruit and vegetables and less junk food. Makes sense. Home cooked meals are better than Big Macs and pizza. No revelation there. But the sociability of the sit down dinner apparently translates across the board. Teenagers feel more support. Younger children learn how to interact. Information is conveyed. The family unit is strengthened. The tribe is stronger.

I remember a woman coming over while we are all eating. How cute. A family dinner she said. We looked at her like...this is cute? To us it is just normal. Good to know normal has some benefits.

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