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Thursday, March 28, 2013

NPR dribble

Big NPR fan but some of the stuff is straight dribble. Listening to Nina and the gang the other morning. Basketball deflections. Big story. Stats posted during half time. Who cares. I guess some other people do. Food fight. A child was hit in the eye with a cookie. John McCain saw someone climb over a fence at the border. A hospital decided not to pay for an expensive cancer drug. Some jobs coming back to Texas. These then were the chewy stories on the Morning Edition.

And of course . it was all dressed up in the NPR campy reporting. The guy who does it sounds like he is ten and it all sounds very relevant. But that is news now right? It sounds relevant and very important but it's not really. In fact most news has very little relevancy to our lives and a lot of it is not really news at all but opinion dressed up like fact. Or it is just fluff.

Take the basketball stats story. Deflections and their impact on the game. I don't know maybe I missed something but why is this a story. John McCain saw a lady climb the fence in Arizona and get arrested. Hmmm. I guess. It didn't have a thing to do with immigration reform but it was a lead story. Again. Who cares. The hospital that decided not to pay for an eleven thousand dollar cancer drug and then posted an op-ed about it. Wow. Groundbreaking. Then the drug company dropped the price by half. Ok.

Oh and oil demand could be tapering off by end of the decade. Natural gas and more fuel efficient cars. Wow.

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