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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Naked Movies

Yeah ok. A new genre has arrived. Naked Movies. Or movies for nice people who want a message with their body parts. Alright. Just watched The Sessions after hearing that Helen Hunt was mostly naked through the film. Guess what. She was. Helen might as well not have bothered with the jeans and flowery top she shed just about every time she came onto the screen. Of course she was the sex therapist but still...did she have to be naked all the time? Yes. This is in the new Naked Movie genre.

It would seem older actresses just can not wait to show the word...well everything. Diane Keaton in the now famous scene with Jack Nicholson in Somethings Gottta Give. She walks through a house buck naked and freaks out Jack who is in his underwear and doesn't look so great either. Apparently Diane Keaton insisted they shoot this with her body. Ok. Or Nicole Kidman in the Paperboy. Not totally naked but close with masturbation in front of John Cusak and copulation on a washing machine that goes on and on and on.

Or...Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep in Hope Springs. The older couple who have not had sex for like a decade go to a sex therapist. You really feel like crawling under the couch as Tommy Lee gets it on and Meryl goes down on him in a theatre. Or Phillip Seymour Hoffmans lead off with Merissa Tormae in Hope You Get to Heaven Before the Devil Knows Your Dead. The doggy style lead off is nothing less than amazing.  Or Matthew Mcconnehy in Paper Boy or Magic Mike. The stripper male equivalent who has to let us know he is still a stud by getting slicked up and then abused in sado masochistic  gay sex.

Obviously sex sells. And now it would seem the R rated plethora of we are not only going to take it all off but we are also going to do things you thought you would never big bank for Hollywood. But I really think Hollywood is working way too hard to insert a message in this new genre of Naked Movies. There are people who have been doing this much better and for many more years and their production costs are nothing. They really should study this true money making genre before they pay somebody a million bucks to get it on.

Its called porn.

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