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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Modern Dads and the Conflict of Work and Kids

Alright. Dads are doing a lot better. In 1965 they spend 2.5 hours a week with their kids. In 2011 they spend 7.3. A three hundred percent increase, but mothers still blow them away. A whopping 13.5 hours. Twice of the dads. And here is the kicker, dads feel worse about that 7.3 than their fathers did with their 2.5. In other words dads just cant get a break while their wives feel pretty good about the time spent with their children and their own dads didn't break a sweat about their provider little kid time status.

I get it. I feel like I never spend enough time with my kids and I work at  home. Of course you can be at home and not be at home. But still I feel like I do not see my kids but  near enough and with one son getting toward college I wonder...did I do enough? Was I a good dad? Who doesn't have these thoughts right? And you have to envy those old dads who just went off to work and plowed ahead and maybe they missed their kids but I'm not so sure. If you don't open the box then maybe you never know what you are missing.

But we do. As a dad you are always rushing home to that kid function. Missed kid activities are painful and you wonder about those traveling dads. I knew a guy who traveled every week and I asked him about missing his kids. He said if he thought about it it would kill him. So there is that. But for most of us "around" dads you still feel like you are not doing enough. More activities. More bonding moments. And then they grow up anyway.

It breaks your heart.

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