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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Men are as stressed as moms

So says a New York Times article. Apparently men are trying just as hard to juggle fatherhood with making a buck as women are now. The fathers of old don't know how easy they had it. The old days of just going off to work and returning with a martini in the living room before dinner and then a send off kiss to the kids as they troop to bed are long gone. The old Jonathan Franzen Corrections days are DOA. The new dawn of stressed daddydom is here.

You see it everywhere. Men trying to get home to make those kid sports, recitals, concerts, scouts, birthdays. They just cant see to be in all the places all the time. And of course with the two income household now a reality they have to share in the domestics. Do the dishes. Help with the homework. Laundry, etc. But of course the reality is moms still carry the lion share of domestic duties according to the article.

But the stress of not being able to be provider/great dad is very real. There still are some men in the classic mode. I know them. They are gone and have corporate jobs and their wives fill in all the gaps. But they do seem atypical. Even if dads aren't being better dads they wish they could. That is stressful enough.

Rocket Man...being a father shouldn't be this hard


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