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Friday, March 1, 2013

Male Fear of the White Condo Cell

Most men have this clearly in their mind. Married men. It is the white  condo cell. The prison term is life or at least until another life begins. But it is the horror that awaits every bad move men make. The white roomed condo cell is where men go after an affair or just being on the losing side of a divorce. Banished to the condo they are now on the hook for alimony and lonely nights innumerable. And lots of support payments.

And it is one of the great secrets. Men have this and woman have being a bag lady. Women see themselves as homeless once they fall out of a marriage. Men see themselves as lonely and broke. And old. The financial penalty for divorce is extreme. A NY Times article pointed out that older boomers are now divorcing in record numbers. Nobody is sure why but people point to longer life expectancy. Maybe people just get tired of being together. But the financial impact is devastating. Penions split. Houses sold. Finances divided.

And for the male the white condo cell. Devoid of furniture with kid toys in the corners and no food in the cabinets it is the cave for the wandering wolf who has lost the pack. The man who is separated from his children, his wife, his home. It is what keeps many men from calling that number given to them at the bar, on the train, at the gym. Men have a very deep fear of being alone. Maybe that is why they remarry so quickly.

For the is the prison of condo life.
Rocket Man...the novel of suburban hell

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