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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Holocaust Weather

Since when did weather become a news story? There is no normal weather now. Winter storms have been named. We are in the Apocalypse every time a thunder cloud appears. I was watching the news and they said a KILLER STORM was on the way to Chicago. I looked out the window and saw the snow coming down. It was beautiful. I turned back to the news. KILLER STORM IS HERE. A man in a heavy coat stood on a street in Chicago. The weather here is getting worse he said. I looked back out the window. A gentle snow fall. I turned back to the news. KILLER SNOW STORM IN CHICAGO.

Obviously someone figured out in ratings land that weather sells. And if mother nature doesn't agree then just add a little spin. Put a guy like Ali Veshi in lower Manhattan and have him find a really deep puddle and stand there. Or better yet drive him to the beach and have him stand in the surf. Then have him try and talk over the wind and the rain. Brilliant! THE KILLER STORM IS HERE. And Ali is braving the elements to bring us the latest.

In the Midwest our KILLER STORM is really tornado's. Spring. They come in the spring and we really do go in our basements and hide out when the sky turns green. The problem is that if every storm is a KILLER STORM you have a hard time figuring out what is really a KILLER STORM. Tornadoes still hit fast and they kill a lot of people. Funny how Ali Veshi is nowhere to be seen when there is a real tornado bearing down across the cornfields. I guess that is our new barometer.

No Ali Veshi. Run for cover.
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