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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Guilt Parenting

A lot of parenting is out of guilt. Guilt over spending too much money. Guilt over not spending enough money. Guilt over not enough vacations or any vacations. Guilt over giving them a phone or not giving them a phone. Guilt over not giving them a car or not giving them a better house, a better neighborhood. A more progressive life. A less progressive life. A better school. A better upbringing. What is there not to feel guilty about?

Work more and feel guilty about not spending enough time with your kids. Work less and feel like you should be doing more to make more money for your kids. Give them allowance and feel guilty they don't understand the value of a buck. Don't give them an allowance and feel guilty about being stingy. Send them to a great school and hit them with debt. Send them to an affordable school and feel guilty about not sending them to a great school.

Feed them what they want and feel guilty about giving them crappy food. Give them good food and feel guilty about not getting them what they want. Talk to them too much and feel like you are being a bother. Don't talk to them and feel like you are ignoring them. Take too many pictures and feel like you are putting them on the spot. Don't take enough pictures and feel like you don't care about having pictures of your kids.

So I don't know. Maybe at the end all you have is guilt. That and a lot of pictures. Or not.
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