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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Autism makes jump from dads to granddads

One in eight. That is the statistic now for kids. One in eight has autism. Crazy. They tied it to the father. Old sperm. Seems the DNA mutates in older dads. Mom is off the hook. But dad who decided to sow his wild oats and then have a family is dealing with a stacked deck. The autism odds shoot way up. And now they have a co conspirator. Granddads.

Seems autism jumps a generation. And it's the granddads fault for holding out and having kids later. And it shows up in the next crop of kids. So that would explain why little Johnnie has autism when dad was twenty three. Granddad went off to the war and started a business and then had a kid. And his grandson has the affliction. Biology is brutal in this way. We really were designed to replicate and do it early.

As if older dads and granddads didn't have enough on their plate. They are huffing and puffing and trying to be that young cool dad but those years have a funny way of calling their marker. And like most old parents the bet is you can have it all. And then you realize you cant. Women get menopause and the men throw out damaged sperm.

And the kids get in a one in eight chance.

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