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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Predator Cop

You don't think there is something wrong with our society then take a page from the Predator Cop who wants to kill all his fellow officers. Get ready. This is only the beginning. A Predator Cop who wants to kill the families of cops. He tried too. They drove him off from several homes. He shot other cops dead in their cars. And he was not done. His final Gottamerung in the fiery cabin is our future. For we have created a society that is just about to pop.

Take a country and arm them to the teeth. Then marginalize a huge swath of the population by exporting jobs and telling them for years that it is the fault of the government. Then drench them in violence for years and years through movies and television and video games. Hold up money as their only salvation at the same time there is not enough pie to go around. Throw in a congress that won't even vote on legislation like gun control. A powder keg. That is what you have.

The Predator cop said he was wronged. Said he had been unjustly fired. He would take as many people out with him as he could. And we see this rage all the time now. The human animal wanting to take revenge against society. Killing as many people as they can before taking their own life. Where does this rage come from? Maybe an American Dream that promised a fantasy exported through media. A great rage that this promised super life is not going to happen for most people.

Hard to say. But the fuse is certainly burning. Our new Terminator is here.
Rocket Man...the American Dream upside down

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