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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Exclusive party of the Grammys

You ever go to a party where you never feel invited? That's how I felt at the Grammys last night.  Although I was just watching on my television I thought I might feel like someone cared that I was out there. But no. Maybe it was the painful Taylor Swift opening. Who got hold of her and what happened to the girl that looked like her own person? And I'm sorry. Did I miss something here? But who listens to Justin Timberlake?

Maybe they should have just called it the Justin Timberlake Variety Show. I mean who is paying him and who does he know? And what was with the tiresome push on social media. Hashtag blah blah. Who cares! Apparently someone at the Grammys cares because they were very concerned that we wouldn't tweet or like the Grammys on Facebook. It was all so  labored and lame.

And then Justin Timberlake came back and then we were all told how great he was again. Weird. And then there was the music. Fun. The Lamineers. We are Young. And I will wait for you. I guess. Although my sixteen and twelve year olds had no idea who they were. I actually did but the music...I don't know. Brunos androgyny and Stings high voice all throwing it in for Bob Marley? Whatever.

And then the painful Kelly Clark acceptance. She really is bubble gum rock. I guess that's the takeaway there. And then Adell gets another award. Sure. Why not. She didn't get enough last year. And then  Justin Timberlake does the commercials. How many shots of JZee can we have and how many Beyonc√© commercials?  Does Prince really need a cane? And he did look kind of funny when the winner said he listened to him as a kid. Ouch. And what about Elton? Sort of the grand old man of the piano. He is getting older even with blue glasses.

Lets face it music is big big business now. And the sponsors pick the music and the artists. So lets forger the Grammys and call it Corporate Pick.. Because the Grammys was about as corporate as it gets.  And Justin Timberlake can be the CEO by unanimous consent.
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