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Thursday, February 28, 2013

That Raunchy Male Lit

Reading Chad Kultgen's The Average American Marriage. And it is pretty raunchy in a guy way. Not saying it' s not true but male lit has fallen to it's natural low point. Lets face it men have pretty much abandoned the field to women in the area of fiction. Sixty percent of all fiction is bought by women. So you had better have some cross gender appeal or go whole hog for the American males who really want the down and dirty and who will read anything with gratuitous sex. Bring on Chad.

Men generally don't write these type of protagonists. Hollywood messed around with it in the opposite with the Mel Gibson vehicle of what women really think about. How about Erica Jongs Fear of Flying. Women really do want to have sex. Well of course men want to have sex all the time anywhere anyplace. Ho Hum. No mileage there. What is left is the inside of the male mind. The down and dirty and I mean dirty of men.

And a lot of it is pretty over the top. I mean I had to stop eating my salad twice in several of Chads scenes. I mean I am very much a guy and they grossed me out. Even men want some pink glasses when it comes to sex. But Hultgens guy is all about sex all the time and that is pretty dead on for ninety nine percent of men. Having written a male based character in Rocket Man I have read my share of male lit. David Liss calls a lot of this fiction white mans angst fiction. And he is probably right.

Even Chads guy for all his balls out I want it all the time and will do anything any position with anyone devolves into white man angst's. This is the purview of college educated white males who found out Roxy Music and The Cure were subcultures not a way of life. And they are pissed all the good times ended and their wives became fat after having children. The problem with this basic approach is it doesn't really answer anything.

If you give us the down and dirty all the time...then what is left? More down and more dirtier I suppose. No real answers there.

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